Steve Buteyn

My wife Jeannette and I have been attending LSCC since 2012. We both were baptized that year and became members.

I started volunteering with groundskeeping in 2013 and became the Groundskeeping Deacon in 2014. This includes the grass cutting, snow removal from doors and walkways, and general maintenance with landscaping issues. There are several other members that assist with these duties too; Les Milligan and Brian & Shirley Johnson.

I also have been a front door Greeter since 2014, something I really enjoy doing, even during the winter months.

I coached UPWARDS Basketball from 2012 thru 2017, a really rewarding and fun experience for me as well as for the kids.

I have also assisted with several building projects with other church members. This is both helpful for costs savings by volunteering with these activities, fellowship with others, and learning for myself.

There are many other duties within in the church that require time to participate in, but being retired, I have the time to assist the church that I love by giving with my time.

As I continue my walk with Christ, I feel that using my time to help the church in completing tasks, is where I feel my calling is. And I enjoy working with other church members in planting those “mustard seeds!” Acts 4-11 says, Jesus is “‘the stone you builders rejected, which has become the cornerstone.’ My inspiration!