We take a deep, verse-by-verse dive into the book of Ephesians in our new series: Foundations.

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April 11, 2021

Laying the groundwork for our study, we're excited to have Pastor Mike Wilkins with us to begin our series.


April 18, 2021

Cory continues our study in Ephesians and takes a close look at the life and conversion of Paul.

Will of God

April 25, 2021

Today we explore more about the background and life of Paul and the will of God.

Doctrine of Grace

May 2, 2021

How is grace different than mercy? They might seem pretty similar, but today Chris is going to explore what Ephesians has to say about why grace is so amazing.

Grace is Our Destiny

May 9, 2021

Chris continues exploring the Doctrine of Grace found in Ephesians.


May 16, 2021

You. Are. Chosen.
Chris talks more about how Christ loved us and has chosen us preemptively.

Grace is an Inheritance

May 23, 2021

Today we continue our series in Ephesians and shed some light on the story of the Prodigal Son.

Into the Storm

May 30, 2021

As we continue our series in Ephesians, we welcome guest speaker US Army Chaplain Adam LaVigne.


June 6, 2021

In chapter 1 of Ephesians, there are a few verses that seem a little out of place. Today we'll look at what they say about pausing for a moment.


June 13, 2021

Looking in Ephesians 2, we’re going to explore God’s immeasurable power.

Grace Overcomes Hostility

June 20, 2021

In Ephesians 2, Chris talks about how Grace Overcomes Hostility.

Grace Abides

June 27, 2021

In Ephesians 2, Chris talks about how Grace Abides.

Grace Flows Through the Church

July 4, 2021

Today we learn more about our responsibilities as People of Grace.

Posture of Prayer

July 11, 2021

Today we're talking about what Ephesians says about how we pray.


July 18, 2021

What is humility? Is there such a thing as fake humility? Let's find out as we continue our study in Ephesians.


July 25, 2021

Today, we're looking at what Ephesians says about gentleness and meekness, what it is and what it isn't.