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Worship Team

The Purpose

The purpose of worship through music is to usher people into the presence of God using a variety of styles, prayer, and atmosphere. At LSCC we primarily utilize contemporary worship music, combined with prayer and a low light atmosphere to create a intimate worship experience with the sole purpose of focusing on the Glory of God.

The Style

Our music style is influenced from both “current” and “old school” worship music. We strive to be on the leading edge of worship music, but also remember to invest in the musical roots that brought us here. You will likely hear the worship music we play on your local Christian radio station, as well as Pandora, and Spotify.  

Get Involved

At LSCC we are always looking for ways to get people involved. If you have a passion for Worship and would like to get involved we would love to talk with you! We are always looking for more musicians, vocalists, and tech team members! Getting involved is simple, just shoot us an email, phone call, or even grab one of the leaders on a Sunday morning and we will get you plugged in!


Our goal is to create an immersive worship experience through mixing sound. We use a digital sound board that is fun and easy to learn, so if you have an ear for music – you can mix sound!

Ready to start serving?

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